Roll Formed Gutter

Amazon Roll Formed gutter is a robust, yet, lightweight gutter system.

Roll Formed Gutter

Boyle Hall Farm - West Ardsley - Wakefield

Being of heavier gauge than its domestic equivalent, it is often used in conjunction with aluminium rainwater pipe to make a complete aluminium system.

Available in colours
Black, White, Brown, Green and Cream. RAL no’s to these colours available.

Available in two sizes
125mm x 96mm and 151mm x 130mm

Roll Formed Gutter

Boyle Hall Farm - West Ardsley - Wakefield

The Amazon roll formed gutter is an important member of our range as it holds all the inherent good looks of the moulded shape. Material thickness is 0.9mm.

System Description

The gutter is available in 125 & 150mm x 96mm with a  traditional O.G. Roll formed prepainted gutter Systems.  The `passive` roll forming machines are transported to site were the continuous O.G. gutter is then produced by drawing a pre-coated aluminium coil through a series of specialist multiple rollers formers that create the O.G. shape. on request.

This method saves time and produces minimal waste which is better for the environment..The range of colours available are: Black, Brown, Green RAL 6005 & Cream RAL 1015, Grey RAL 7037 matt sample available

Handle ability factor:

Most domestic situations up to 12m/t can be installed quite easily in one length, but in certain situations site conditions can dictate otherwise. The position of overhead cables, outside buildings, fences and general access to properties can mean that it is not physically possible to install long lengths.

The Components

Internal fixing brackets:20mm

The system is fixed and supported by hidden extruded aluminium brackets at 450mm centres using stainless steel fixings (to suit fascia minimum size 115 –

Corners: Running joints:End caps:Out let:Flow capacities:Restricted flow *litres /sec. 60mm outlet * 2.08 70mm outlet * 2.83 Water line depth *  82mm NB. The system comes complete with a 10-year guarantee when fitted on private dwellings.For information or a quote on  roll formed seamless gutter systems please contact us on Telephone 01977 615888 or e-mail

Used as a simple connection or as an expansion joint, the polycarbonate fitting is applied in the same way as the locking corner.

Made in same material as corners. The end caps are specially designed to click-fit over the gutter end then sealed with Arbosil 1090.

The Outlet position is established in the gutter length and a hole is cut in the aluminium, which the polyethylene out let is inserted into. (Outlet size 60mmto 70mm)

Locking corners are 90º, both internal & external, and are made from durable injection moulded colour co-ordinated polycarbonate. Fixed in two parts to pre-cut mitres, the corners are sealed with Arbosil 1090 and fastened together using special S/S screws. (135º external available)