Aluminium is 97% recyclable

Aluminium is 97% recyclable!

‘Amazon-RWS Taking care of tomorrow’ it’s like an 11th commandment thrown at us from above. All joking apart it’s a message that we need to take seriously.

Sustainability and green qualities are the keywords we need to act on to be ready for the future.

Some say that the media attention is pressurising the government to act. Whether this is the case or not, new legislation and initiatives designed to help protect the environment continue to be rolled out. One of these is the code for sustainable homes and the associated Eco points system. (A UK Ecopoint score is a measure of the overall environmental impact of a product or process).

The impending introduction of this in 2006 will see companies being encouraged to adopt it. As a consequence building products will increasingly be judged as much by their environmental attributes as they will their price.

An obvious aspect of these changes will be the focus on the type of materials used on the building of new properties. Every component used will be assessed for its ‘Green Qualities.’

The materials we use are a ready made solution for customers who are tasked with keeping building refurbishments Green.

Our products come from a manufacturer that uses hydro-generated power to supply its processing facilities, causing virtually no co2 emissions.

Combine this with it being 97% recyclable and when it comes to the end of its BBA accredited life expectancy, the recycling process starts over again. This makes it one of the greenest options available and goes towards helping take care of tomorrow!